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Our Work

A need for sustainable affordable transportation is something that transcends economic boundaries and provides common ground for all in our city. Bicycling is something that so many people depend on and enjoy. We believe the uplifting community rides, events, and the essential services associated should not be exclusive to those with money and social standing. By accessing bikes that would've been garbage, as well as donations from supportive neighbors, we can make sure all people who need a bike are able to own one! And by providing free workshops to the public, we can help make sure those bikes are ridden responsibly. We believe that bicycles are an integral part of making Tampa a successful and healthy city, and that by working together to provide support to all cyclists, we can really make our city shine!

Our Story

We started as the The Well’s Recycle Bin, a bike shop for the poor that was started, almost by accident, with one Well volunteer who rode bikes helping a neighbor in need with theirs. Little by little this flame was fanned and the initiative snow-balled. In time the shop was almost completely run by neighbors who had originally come in to get a bike for themselves and through their continued participation, took ownership of the work, and the shop itself. A beautiful community arose out of our shared work. A family of men and women you might see riding around Tampa in a group ride, affectionately referring to themselves as ‘The Well’s Angels.’

Meet the Team

Below are just a few of the Well's Angels, committed to creating a bigger, more inclusive bike culture.


Jessica Brenner

Founder & Shop Director

With filthy hands and pure love, she is building and serving this community by leading us into a vision of healing relationships built around cycling.


Richard Briles

Head Mechanic

The happiest most contented man you will ever have the privilege of knowing. He wants for little and produces much.


Jon Dengler

Executive Director | The Well

What he lacks in knowledge or skill sets he makes up for in commitment and tenacity. The Well is committed to standing with and supporting the work of Well Built Bikes.


As we work to fully launch our retail location we need hands, funds, and bikes. Please get your hands dirty with us and contribute toward our vision to see our city Well Built.